Larry Carley, Author at BodyShop Business
Will Bonding Endure a Crash

The use of “structural” adhesives to attach outer door skins, hoods, deck lids and body panels is nothing new. In fact, the vehicle manufacturers have been doing it for years.

Is High-Tech Worth the Cost?

When computerized measuring systems first became available, most shop owners considered them luxuries that only the biggest, busiest and best shops could afford.

Get It Straight: Alignments

Customers these days are pickier than ever about the work performed on their vehicles – and alignment isn’t an exception. If customers aren’t satisfied with how their cars ride, steer and handle after driving them out of your shop, you’ll likely see those customers again – for the redo.

Set on Vettes

The Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon recognized the world over for its outstanding performance and handling prowess.

Get Involved: SAE

A new organization called the Service Technician Society (STS) is being formed for people who make their living fixing and maintaining vehicles.