Liz Blickle, Author at BodyShop Business
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Quick! Send out an all-points bulletin! I have earth-shattering news from Captain Obvious. Brace yourselves for this … It seems coffee makes you more alert.  I know, I know. But did you know that, apparently, even the smell of coffee has this magical effect? Thank God someone finally unraveled the mystery surrounding the phrase, “Wake

Incompetent Drivers Cause Traffic Jams

A new study by L. Craig Davis, a physicist at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, has revealed shocking news: Most drivers are idiots, and these idiots are the cause of most traffic jams. NO! I never would have guessed! I thought the oh-so-hard written exam for a temporary license would have weeded them

Show Me the Savings!

Insurers are writing for partial paint times on repaired panels, claiming it doesn’t take as long to apply color to part of a panel as it does to the whole panel. We all know this is bogus.

Crash Your Car … All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Remember how your parents tried to teach you to think for yourself by asking if you’d jump off a bridge just because your friends did? Well, we’ve finally located the kid(s) who answered “yes!”

Looney for Toon Cars

When my favorite childhood cartoon, Jem and the Holograms, was released on DVD, I realized that I’d forgotten one important thing about this classic – Jem’s cool convertible, the Rockin’ Roadster. But Jem isn’t the only ‘toon with a cool car. Take this quiz to see which cartoon car suits you best. 1. My dream

Paint the Town Red: Aaron Clark

As a child, Aaron Clark wanted to paint everything in sight – and he did. That determination to fulfill his dreams has helped him to overcome adversity and to achieve his goals. Aaron Clark began his body shop career in his mother’s and step- father’s shop at the age of 8, literally growing up in

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren: the New Family Car?

Forget lame station wagons, the “cool parent”-favorite SUVs and stereotypical minivans. The Formula 1-inspired engineering and design of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren make it the year’s best family car. “Wait, family car? No, that’s a sports car.” No, it’s a family car. With all the safety features Mercedes-Benz put in the SLR, I’m sure you

Smart Cars: Taking Away Americans Right to Wreck?

Night vision cameras that project an image of the road ahead on a small area of the windshield? Cruise control that regulates the distance from other cars? A system that “sees” around corners? New features that car companies are developing to help prevent accidents make me wonder: What are the OEMs trying to do? Put

Escape Hybrid: An SUV For The Reluctant Activist

Score one for the activists. I suppose after infamous misses (such as animal rights, which denies you your right to enjoy a slab of meat like your Cro Magnon forefathers and guilts women into looking like the living dead because it would be “cruel” to test makeup on animals), the odds were in the activists

The Lamborghini Gallardo

Please God, let me live to be 152. I don’t make this plea because I’m afraid to die, but because that’s when Lamborghini will give me the best birthday present of all – its Gallardo. Forget about sweet 16, with its raging hormones and chronic cases of acne. Automobili Lamborghini SpA proved that 152 is

The Dodge Sprinter: a Common Criminal’s Dream Car

Sure the Dodge Sprinter is a great automobile for tradesmen and large families, but it’s really the perfect getaway car for that bank robbery you’ve been planning.