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Know the Difference

It takes years before you understand all the lingo and applicable terminology in our industry. There are so many letters! Which one is CFM, and which one is PSI? Is GP the same as GM? Does your DRP suggest PDR?

The “Other Guy’s” Repair

The perfect 100-point collision repair could take a really long time. And while those multiple steps and tasks may be exactly what the car manufacturer recommended, any real-world body shop has to balance the ideal repair with the time allowed.

It’s Classified

After all these years of watching collision repairer licensing efforts, I still think the solution is to do the absolute best job your shop can and let the market punish the poorly run competition.

Explain Yourself

How would you explain the auto body industry and what you do for work to the fellow next to you at the bar? Here’s what I tell him.

Seeing Is Believing

Understanding solvency, blending and spray gun adjustments were all possible by listening or reading, but none were nearly as clear as seeing them demonstrated.

Kickstart the Process with an Accurate Estimate

An accurate prediction of the parts required and the flat-rate labor times allowed plus the not-included and judgment-time damage are key to a smooth repair for everyone.

May I Help You?

It may seem like everyone through your door just wants an estimate, all day long. In fact, every person has a unique expectation.

A Glimpse into the Future

What our business might look like in 2045 is anyone’s guess. And guess we did, starting with what Mrs. Smith’s ride might look like.

Get Help!

Join your trade association. Be an active participant. Your business will be better because of it. I know from personal experience.

Basic Maintenance

Sadly, for many shops, the maintenance schedule for their shop equipment looks like this: when it breaks, we’ll fix it. Maybe.

Paint Shop Math

Owners and managers at every level in every business need to track and chart some numbers. Which numbers would work for charting paint and material (P&M) costs?

Tips for Selling Your Auto Body Shop

Will an MSO just show up at your door someday soon with a hefty check and a hearty handshake and want to buy your life’s work for big bucks? For most single-location, independent body shops, that’s an unlikely scenario.