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Not All Parts Are Created Equal: Aftermarket (A/M) Parts

With the State Farm aftermarket (A/M) parts suit still in appeal, the ultimate fate of alternative parts is still up in the air.

(Cycle) Time Is On His Side

A wanna-be basketball star in a revolutionary’s body, consolidator Jon McNeill has plans for the collision repair industry.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Stocking

The 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Road Hazard: Renegade Primates Ahead

Driving in Northeastern Ohio – especially in the winter – can be treacherous for even the most experienced motorist. Between construction, rubber-neckers and lake-effect snow, you can bet your paycheck there will be several delays on the way to your destination.

Writing His Own History: the Pohanka Body Shop

When you’re born into a family with a rich heritage in a particular field – say politics, law or the circus – it’s often expected that you’ll continue the family legacy and run for public office, attend Harvard or learn to ride a unicycle on a tightrope.

Diminished Value: Fear It or Forget It?

During the past year, more than 30 states have approved auto insurance policy language that excludes diminished value (DV) payments. That still leaves quite a few states up in the air.

The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network:

Individual drivers are, on average, only involved in an accident once every seven years. Such infrequent exposure to the collision repair process leads to a lot of questions.

Orange You Going to NACE?

Bound for Orlando – the land of oranges and overabundant family fun – NACE promises a jam-packed schedule of seminars and workshops that leaves little time for mousing around.

Target Practice

Picture this: It’s late one evening when you finally finish the last of the day’s repair work. Realizing you skipped lunch to get some extra work done, you get the hankering for a big sandwich – loaded with corned beef and condiments. As you’re about to return the now empty jar of mustard to the lunchroom refrigerator, you hear a noise. A loud noise. A really, really loud noise.

Operations Profile: Business Savvy

With all the issues facing today’s shop owners — increased insurer involvement, diminished value (DV) and aftermarket (A/M) crash parts to name a few — it’s tough to run a collision repair business. Making it even tougher is that a lot of shop owners used to be technicians. Today, however, they need to be business savvy to operate successful and profitable shops.

Shop Owner Profile

Where would we be without all the shop owners in the world? After all, even the most productive, profitable and professional shop must have a leader — someone to guide the business and lock up after everyone else goes home.

Personnel Profile: The Shortage of Qualified Technicians

How many collision repair journeymen does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one — but first you have to hire him.