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Hey, Big Spender: Insurance Company CEO Salaries

Before you start believing that billion-dollar judgments against State Farm and other insurance companies will bleed them dry (fat chance) and necessitate premium hikes, check out the exorbitant CEO salaries these companies pay. With paychecks and stock options like these, insurers obviously have a money tree planted somewhere.

Live From Motor City: The 2000 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

With our press badges in hand and our cameras poised, we scoured the North American International Auto Show in search of the world’s coolest concept cars. Ever seen a Bugatti Veyron or a Mercedes-Benz SLA? We have — and we have pictures to prove it!

Surviving in the Next Century: Your Role as an Independent Shop Owner

If you choose to buy into the media’s millennium hype, then nothing you do can save your business from impending doom. (Sorry!) If, however, you think the 21st century will bring with it a fast-paced business world, prepare yourself. Times are changing and so must your role as an independent shop owner.

Salvaging the Salvage-Parts Market

Collision repairers agree: Used parts are a viable alternative to new OE crash parts. They also agree that the lack of compensation they’re given for making used parts usable isn’t doable. Their solution? Insurers need to scrap their current way of thinking and recognize what repairers have to do to save them money.

In September’s article, "Repairing the Crash-Parts Market" (pg. 44), we took a closer look at the manufacturing of aftermarket crash parts, the problems repairers have with their use and the solutions raised by industry leaders. This month, we’ll examine the salvage-parts market in much the same way.

Repairing the Crash-Parts Market

The situation with replacement crash parts may be a bit of a wreck, but it’s not a total loss. What’s considered a pile of unwanted sheet metal and plastic by many repairers could be turned into a more favorable and profitable alternative to OE parts — if the industry can quit complaining and learn to communicate.

Help Wanted: How to Get the Best

If you’re looking for a few good employees, you’re not alone. But to attract qualified applicants, you need to revitalize recruiting and organize your hiring process.

Living Life: Empowering Employees

Tired of working 80-hour weeks? Ready to start enjoying life rather than watching it pass you by? Empower your employees, and you can stop putting off until retirement what you could be doing today.

Deep in the Heart of Texas: The NACE Convention

Round ’em up and move ’em out! NACE is headed for Dallas!

Community Spirit

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to boost your shop’s image, gain customer loyalty and contribute to the welfare of the community.

Beauty and the Body Shop

Uncovering beauty in a beastly lot and a run-down building, shop owner Boyd Dingman is helping to change the image of the collision repair industry and to maintain the image of an Omaha, Neb., neighborhood.