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The “Big 3” Interview

Reps from Ford, GM and DaimlerChrysler speak candidly about their plans, their problems and their predictions for the collision repair industry.

The Science of Paint

Ever wonder about the people formulating today’s paint products — and if they have any clue how their creations affect refinishers? Wonder no more. Some of the industry’s leading paint chemists answer the questions on everyone’s minds.

The Road Ahead

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict the future — the challenges awaiting shop owners aren’t a mystery. The mystery is whether or not shop owners will prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Understanding Undercoats

Undercoats create the foundation for quality refinish work. In many ways, they recreate the OEM treatment process.

No Bonding Allowed

It wasn’t long ago that the only choice a repair technician had to replace a quarter panel, roof or door skin was to cut it off and weld it back on.

Peak Performance: Maintaining the Equipment in Your Paint Shop

The investment in a state-of-the-art paint department can be mind boggling.

To Be Dust Free Or Not To Be

An investment in a dust extraction system

A Well-Rounded Painter

If your customer-service index is high and your marketing efforts are giving your shop a healthy backlog of work, you know that what happens when vehicles reach your paint
department is critical to your continued success. And what goes on in your paint department is highly dependent upon the quality.
of painters you employ.

More Than an Estimate

It used to be so easy to write an estimate. Easy, that is, until the ARMS people announced to the country: "A customer doesn’t need an estimate. The customer is in pain and wants his vehicle made whole again." This tiny piece of information had a huge – and dramatic – effect on many leading

Body Shop Boot Camp

While the collision shop of today is repairing existing vehicles, the cars of the future are off the drawing board and plans for production are underway. Increased use of aluminum and plastics, computerized navigational systems, crash-avoidance computers and sophisticated adhesives are all becoming part of our reality.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Three men – Bob Anderson, Jerry Kottschade and Joe Sanders – have devoted a great deal of time over the years to assume positions of leadership within their chosen field.

Shedding Light on Infrared

For a shop owner, not getting vehicles done on time results in upset vehicle owners, unhappy insurance adjusters and frantic times in your business.