Mike Causey, Author at BodyShop Business
North Carolina Body Shops Rate Insurers

North Carolina insurance companies that pay for OEM parts and avoid high-pressure tactics faired far better in the 2004 Body Shop Survey of Insurers than those using steering tactics and strong-armed adjusters.

Legislative Lowdown:

Florida – Senate Bill 2692, which prohibits insurers from owning or acquiring interests in motor vehicle repair shops, has been filed in the Florida Senate and referred to the committees on Banking and Insurance; Transportation; Judiciary. If S.B. 2692 passes, it’ll become effective July 1. S.B. 2692 provides civil penalty for specified violations; prohibits insurers

Politics: The Art of Friendly Persuasion

Politics has everything to do with the collision repair industry. In fact, it’s the means by which the powerful insurance industry uses to gain more and more control over the repair industry. Meanwhile, the repair industry is allowing this to happen by simply doing nothing in the political arena. Politics, in my view, is the

Lobbying for Your Livelihood

In one of his fables, Aesop tells the story of a farmer who was able to unite his quarrelsome family despite their individual differences. After trying in vain to reconcile his family by talking to them, he thought an example might work. So he called his sons together and asked them to gather a stack

Steering Customers to the Truth

Collision repair and auto glass specialists continue to suffer discrimination at the hands of insurance companies as well as government agencies.