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STRSW: Try It. You’ll Like It (Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding )

Considered expensive compared to other types of welders, resistance spot welders have met with a lot of resistance. Yes, they’re different than what we’re used to, but they also produce a factory-like weld in less time.

Hybrids: Why They’re Here To Stay

Fuel costs – gasoline or diesel – seem to be creeping ever higher. This is probably natural because of the rules of supply and demand. Oil is a finite resource, and as we use more of our own American crude in the lower 48, we’re going further afield to supply our ever-expanding need for more

Aluminum Is Coming

Conceptions and Misconceptions

Plastic Filler: a Good Product in Bad Hands

When plastic filler first hit the market, no depth of filler was too great and manufacturer’s instructions were just there to make the can look good. Even today, decades later, plastic filler is still misunderstood and misused. Why? Because repairers try to use it as a substitute for skill.

Inherent DV: One Man’s Disbelief

I truly don’t believe that a properly repaired auto is worth less by virtue of the fact that it’s been repaired. It’s not that black and white. How many times have you repaired a vehicle back to pre-accident condition – and then some – and said to yourself, “That wreck was the best thing that ever happened to that car”?

32 Steps to Painless, Profitable Plastic Repair

Many repairers pass on plastic repair and instead, opt to replace, sending an easily repairable part to the landfill. Why?

Putting the Squeeze on Repairs

I’ve been the not-so-proud owner of four spot welders because I’m cheap. Though I wanted all the benefits of a top-quality welder, I didn’t want to pay for top quality. Learn from my mistakes … please.

Nature Vs. Nurture

Highly skilled technicians – Is it all in the genes or does training help?

See Spot Run: Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welder

Despite it’s long history, “resistance welding” is aptly named – because many technicians still continue to resist using it.

Wheels in Motion: Wheel Set Back

Wheel set back is an indicator of larger problems that are often overlooked when measuring. But because most techs think of set back as an alignment measurement, they don’t bother checking for it – and don’t deliver a complete, timely or profitable repair.

The Name’s Bond… Adhesive Bond

Is adhesive bonding the right procedure for the job at hand? Is it recommended by the OEM? Until you’re sure of the answers to these – and other – vitally important questions, put down the adhesive and step away from the vehicle.

More Brains, Less Brawn: Straightening a Vehicle

Brute force isn’t necessary to straighten a vehicle. Still, techs like to flex their muscles rather than use their brains to get the job done.