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Taking the Pain Out of Glass

These days, automotive glass serves a bigger purpose than simply keeping bugs out of a driver’s teeth. Some passenger-side airbags depend on the windshield to act as an integral part of the system. With such a critical repair at hand, proper glass replacement is of the utmost importance — but isn’t nearly as complex as you might think.

Why Use Used Parts?

"Why isn’t there a higher mark-up or other incentive for shops to use salvage parts?" — P. Michael Riffert, pres., Engle’s Frame & Body Service, Ephrata, Pa. Any of us are in the collision repair industry because we love it. And when you like your occupation, 99 times out of 100 you’ll produce a better

Start with a Good Foundation

The vehicle may “look” pretty good, but that’s no excuse to move forward without measuring — hoping for the best. Before repair work begins, you need to ensure a true foundation with respect to datum, length and sway.

Behind the Paint: History!

Mistakes, World War II, foreign invasion and guinea pigs all played a part in the history of automotive paint. Who said history had to be boring?

No Grease Monkeys Here: Our Industry’s Image

If you don’t think a lot of the problems we face in the collision repair industry are related to our negative image, think again. Between the public and the educators, our industry is often viewed as fit employment only for the mentally disabled and the drug and alcohol impaired. But it’s not their fault they think that way — it’s ours.

Office Procedures to Prevent Chaos

Don’t run your business reacting to problems as they occur and lose time trying to solve them. Taking certain precautions on the front end of a job help to cover your back end — and to ensure your operation runs smoothly and professionally.

I’m Just A Bill: Why Not Get Involved?

On Capitol Hill, a lot of bills await their fate. And many of them — if enacted into law — will affect the profitability of your business. Why, then, aren’t more collision repairers actively involved in legislative activity?

Where Have All The Graduates Gone

The number of quality entry-level techs graduating from vo-tech schools continues to slump. So what are you doing about it? As the saying goes, if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.

Stuck On Plastics: Adhesion Problems

Ever had a flaky experience when refinishing plastic parts? You’re not alone. To help prevent further adhesion problems, consider these common-sense cures — used by a pro whose history with plastics is long and sordid.

The Dirt on Dustless Sanding

Will the benefits of purchasing a vacuum system justify the cost? It depends. Do you want cleaner paint work, happier employees and a better working environment?

Straighten or Fill?

Many techs look at a job and immediately think about how to fill it, never considering straightening. In fact, some techs believe no job is complete without plastic filler.