Patrick Yurek, Author at BodyShop Business
Estimates: Waste of Time or Path to Profit?

The insurer is going to write what they want, so why bother writing your own sheet, right? But writing your own estimates increases profits due to decreased cycle time.

BodyShop Business
Lowering Your Overhead

Earning money is one thing. Keeping it is another. You’d be surprised what shops can do to reduce overhead besides raising door rates

Panel Bonding One (Uh)Oh One

If the vehicle manufacturer doesn’t endorse a procedure,
who the heck are you to override their decision?

Putting the “Expert” in Witness

By using your repair knowledge in the courtroom, you can make upward of $150 an hour – and educate and protect consumers at the same time.

Insurers Don’t Control Pricing

“That’s almost like asking, “How much does a Chevrolet Tahoe cost?”

Mis-Guided: The Estimating Systems Are Guides, Nothing More, Nothing Less

The estimating systems are guides, nothing more, nothing less – even the providers say so. Yet somewhere along the line, repairers started treating these guides as law and handing over control to the insurance industry. “That’s all I can pay – that’s what [insert name of data provider] shows.” Sound familiar? On one of the

Sell your Estimate

If you’re not explaining your estimate to a consumer and preparing him for why your competitor’s estimate may be lower, you might as well not bother writing the estimate.

Repairs that Pay

    Most collision repair professionals – the frame guy and the painter all the way through to the manager and the owner – take pride in repairing automobiles correctly for their customers. Not many people in any business are so cold and callused that they can sell a product or service they believe is

Damaged Goods

Fact: Consumers won’t pay as much for a vehicle that’s been wrecked and repaired as they will for a vehicle that’s never been in an accident. This market condition – or stigma as some like to call it – diminishes the vehicle in value, regardless of how expertly repaired it may have been.

Cheap But Good: Advertising Ideas

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. The money you pour into costly print or broadcast ads can be better spent on other (read: cheaper) advertising endeavors.

Shedding Profits

Fatten up gross sales by $20,000 a year and add mass to your techs’ paychecks too – all by focusing on and charging for what you do best: collision repair

Don’t You Be the Judge

What do you do when an insurer only wants to pay half of what it actually costs to repair a vehicle? Charge for all the necessary procedures, educate your customer and take the insurer to small claims court.