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If You Do It, Charge For It, Part II

Unless you’re running a non-profit organization, you need to write complete estimates and charge for all materials used. You say it’s not worth the time or hassle for the pittance you’ll gain? Then how about making out that check for 40 grand to me?

If You Do It, Charge For It

It’s like the old saying, “Why buy the cow if the milk is free?” Insurers aren’t going to offer to pay for materials and procedures if you don’t charge for them. That would be crazy. It’s even crazier if you aren’t charging them.

What to Do With Sagging Sales

In May, we examined how insufficient volume can put you in the red. But volume is only half the problem. Insufficient production also poses a serious threat to your shop’s sales. Luckily, it’s all fixable.

What to Do When Sales Suck, Part I

While there isn’t always a quick fix for sagging sales, examining volume and production will reveal what went wrong – and what needs to be done to pull your shop out of the red.

The Magic Behind Making a Manager

“Working together is the most important thing we do. To accomplish this, you need good management. How can you find and groom a shop manager who’ll foster teamwork and create a productive environment?” – Brandon Mitchell, assistant shop manager, Elliott Chevrolet, Athens, Texas

Giving Customers the Whole Story: Educate Them

Consumers who’ve been in an accident often only know what they’ve been told by their insurer – and what they’ve been told often puts your shop in a negative light. What can you do? Educate them on the repair process so they have all the information they need.