Pete Bartlett, Author at BodyShop Business
Take Time to Teach

“I’ve been in this industry for 27 years, but the joy is going away every day I have to justify why I’m charging for this, why I’m replacing that, etc. Usually I’m explaining all this to some college kid who’s working at an insurance company. Everyone needs educated. How can we educate our customers about their rights, our techs regarding quality and safety, and insurance reps, who usually don’t understand the repair process?” – Rick LaFountain, owner, The Finishing Touch Auto Body and Refinishing Center, Otsego, Mich.

Stop! In the Name of Estoppel

Ever been told by an adjuster after you’ve agreed on a price for a job and begun repairs that, “We made a mistake, and this isn’t covered – so we’re stopping payment on your check”? Did you respond back that the insurance company is estopped from doing that? If not, you should probably read this article.

DOIs: Help, Hurt or Hinder?

"Why don’t body shops have any rights with their state Department of Insurance?" — Walter Danalevich, owner, Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing, Santa Barbara, Calif. Over the years, collision repairers across America have looked to state insurance departments for help and assistance in dealing with unprofessional and unethical insurance company practices. The results have been disappointing