Randy Trahan, Author at BodyShop Business
How to Get Paid, “What’s The Most Effective Approach to Get Insurers to Pay My Labor Rate?”

Labor rates have always been an area of contention between shop owners and insurance companies. From time immemorial, the two camps have been divided on the issue, and monumental arguments have arisen any time this subject is broached. So before we can arrive at any real answer to the labor rate question, we must first

Quality Is Not Subjective

So what if the guy down the road will do the repair the wrong
way for less money? Don’t fall into the “locally acceptable quality” trap.

Debunking the Myth of ‘Pre-Accident Condition’

You may have the best collision repair facility this side of the Mississippi, but you still shouldn’t use the term ‘pre-accident condition’ to describe your repairs. It just isn’t accurate.