Richard V. Brigidi, Author at BodyShop Business
BUSINESS FEATURE: Stamp Out Liability

Declaring that a customer’s vehicle is unsafe to drive by stamping the estimate protects you from a potential lawsuit, not to mention increases your chances of closing the sale.

OSHA: When Safety is a 4-Letter Word

An OSHA inspector recently showed up to perform a ‘random’ inspection. He noted two minor violations and complimented us on our compliance, saying the average body shop has 12 violations. Because he said his report would reflect favorably on us, we mistakenly thought our fines would only be a few hundred bucks.

Even ‘Know It Alls’ Need Training

Take it from a reformed Mr. Know-It-All: You don’t know what you don’t know — so training is vital to staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.

The Right Thing For the Wrong Reasons

The Americans with Disabilities Act

Say You Don’t Want a Revolution

If you label your customers as “nuts” to brush off their repair complaints and tell them to “just bring it back” withoutaddressing the actual problem, your comebacks are costing you cash.

Toot Your Horn: Last Impressions Count

How frustrating it is to order parts, negotiate with the adjuster, monitor repairs, “throw in” minor repairs and perform a road test only to have a three-year-old door ding become the topic of discussion when the customer picks up his vehicle. It doesn’t have to be this way. Present the repaired vehicle to the customer your way, and you’ll walk away the hero.