Ron Kuehn, Author at BodyShop Business
Up to Your Boots in Booth Regulations

Where can you go to learn about spraybooth regulations? Is there anyone out there who can answer a question with something other than “I don’t know”? How the heck can you keep your booth legal if you can’t find anyone who knows what the heck “legal” means?

Creating a Monster

An efficient shop is like a hungry monster. The more a shop’s cycle times improve, the more vehicles it needs to “feed” its appetite. Where will these extra vehicles come from? From shops that haven’t streamlined their operations

Let the Heart Surgeons Operate

Is the perceived shortage the result of too many shops using highly skilled technicians to perform low- skilled work?

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: Better, Cheaper & Faster

Years ago, the belief in business was that you could provide a product better, cheaper or faster — pick two. But to achieve success today, you must offer all three. Customers expect more, for less money and want it yesterday.