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Publisher’s Perspective: Aftermarket Intrigue in Puerto Rico

A recent trip to Puerto Rico showed the flexibility and creativity of the aftermarket and a great reminder of our ability to adapt and keep the fleet rolling.

Publisher’s Perspective: They May Have Their Keys …

By 2020, 90 percent of all new vehicles will be transmitting data to somewhere. The question is, who owns the data?

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s Time to Belly Up to the Bar!

Every meeting I go to, whether it’s collision or mechanical repair, the big topic everyone is talking about is the technician shortage.

Publisher’s Perspective: How About Another 90 Years!

Staying relevant, logistically sharp, technologically current and customer-focused is no small task. It seems the folks in Spencer, Iowa, have it figured out.

Publisher’s Perspective: Need the Info!

When I travel around the country, repairers frequently bring up the subject of vehicle repair data and why it isn’t all in one place.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s in the Cloud … Or Is It?

Data is not in the cloud! It’s stored on servers right here on good ol’ earth! Ahh, now I feel better.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s Worth Saying…

A recent note from a loyal reader voicing a concern that an article in a previous issue of BodyShop Business was too one-sided against insurance companies caused me to reflect on our role here at the magazine.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s Worth Saying

You, our readers, are very valuable to us, and our job is to provide you with the most complete, unbiased information available.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s a Whole New Year, but the Elephant is Still There!

As we tackle the shortage of skilled technicians, we need to extol the virtues of the collision repair industry instead of focusing on its challenges.

Publisher’s Perspective: Auto Body Tech Shortage Follow-up

There are 250 million vehicles out there, and they’re not going to fix themselves. There’s a future here. Let’s get out and support organizations that promote our industry.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s a Big Challenge, But We Have Help

In all of my travels around the distribution market as well as the collision and mechanical repair spaces, there seems to be no bigger challenge than the lack of skilled workers.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s Here to Stay, Like It or Not

With change, there’s always an opposite or opposing force involved. The latest example of this is pre- and post-repair scanning.