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Publisher’s Perspective: NACE | CARS Was Great… of Course!

NACE | CARS in Anaheim this year was the best NACE | CARS I’ve been to in years. The number of exhibitors was the highest in many years, and the training was unparalleled.

Publisher’s Perspective: Hey, Over Here. It’s Me, Your Brand

Brands are built over time, and it’s no accident. They have lasting value that goes on for years. They need to be protected like they’re gold.

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Be Distracted by What Washington Is Doing

There are things happening around us in the world of the automotive aftermarket that are very concerning. I’m sure many of us did not see or hear about the issue I’m going to talk about, but I think that is what is so concerning.

Publisher’s Perspective: The Devil is Still in the Details

We’re all busy and think we know what needs to be done, but it’s those pesky little things (details) that get dropped.

Publisher’s Perspective: Just Makes Sense

Babcox Media has merged our existing job sites with the Auto Care Association’s site so there is now one common place to go to learn about our industry and all the opportunities within it.

Publisher’s Perspective: Wait…the Future is Not the Future?

Last month, there was article after article about Tesla’s falling stock price, and several issues were cited as the cause. Does that mean the future value of electric vehicle manufacturing may be in question? I don’t think so.

Publisher’s Perspective: 2016 – What’s Next?

Now is the time to map out your actions for 2016 to get some of your goals accomplished. With no map and no plan, who knows where you’ll end up?

Publisher’s Perspective: Another Trip to the Surgeon

I found myself in Denver again, and could not resist the temptation of stopping by to see the Metal Surgeon to see what he was working on. I was excited when Jon’s wife, Valerie, indicated that the doctor was in and could see me.

Publisher’s Perspective: I Still Am Amazed

Each year, I continue to watch our industry in awe. We continue to grow and have successful years as an industry, and it’s never more apparent as when we all head to Las Vegas for AAPEX and SEMA.

Publisher’s Perspective: Tip of the Hat to These Guys

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling PB&E products to body shops or you’re in a body shop repairing vehicles, we’re all in the service business.

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Do This to Them

Do not let inefficiencies or sales programs get in the way of your customer being able to use fresh product.

Publisher’s Perspective: Yes Ma’am, General!

I urge you to look at a veteran next time you have an opening. After all, they did their part and made the ultimate sacrifice.