Thaddeus Toal, Jr., Author at BodyShop Business
34-Money Matters

Today, many investors and small-business owners find discount notes offered by U.S. government-sponsored agencies to be excellent cash management instruments to help meet capital preservation, cash flow and yield needs.

Saving Made Simple

Not only are “Simple” IRA contributions tax deductible for employers, but they’re excluded from an employee’s income for federal income tax purposes in the year contributed.

Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance

You may be divorced twice and on your third marriage (so far so good), but if you die first, your spouse and stepchildren may end up spending your rightful heir’s inheritance – unless you plan ahead. Families are more complicated than they used to be. With so many people divorced and remarried, a family gathering

Investing in These Uncertain Times

In more than 60 years of American history, in good times and in some very bad times, the stock market has always bounced back — and the Sept. 11 attacks will likely be no exception. Until then, don’t panic, and don’t go yanking all your money out of the market.