Toby Chess, Author at BodyShop Business
On the Spot

Due to the misconceptions and lack of knowledge regarding squeeze-type resistance spot welding and its equipment, we conducted a welding machine challenge — a test that would simulate working on a vehicle and help shop owners make
better decisions when purchasing a machine.

Technical Feature, Ignorance Is More Expensive

Sure, training costs money and trained techs sometimes leave, but the fact remains: Most of the welds I inspect would fail a destructive test, making them dangerous to the consumer — and to your shop

Prime, Featheredge, Fill…The Lost Steps

It takes 12 steps to prepare a repaired panel for paint prep. If you’re not vigilant, you won’t get paid for seven of them – costing you hundreds of dollars per repair.

Spotting Trouble: Arbitrary Changing of Paint Times

Been asked by an adjuster to change the paint time on a panel? If insurers would pay for the prep and want a spot paint – and as long as the hours equal the full time – shops might embrace the procedure. Since that’s not happening, shops need to learn how to justify their estimates.

Ode to the Unreasonable Man

“Great spritis have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

Car Quarter Panel Installation

There are instances when using a used quarter makes sense – but only when we’re getting paid for all the necessary prep time involved.

Write Better Estimates

The estimate is the most important aspect of our business process. If an estimate is poorly written, it can wreak havoc on your shop and cost you a boatload of cash.

Managing Customer Expectations

Use this repair timeline to educate customers about the repair process

Monster First Impressions

Customers first impressions of your shop are formed during their first few seconds of contact over the phone or in person. Is your staff trained to welcome potential customers, or is Frankenstein manning your front office?

Weld It Right: Know the Best Gas Mixture for MIG?

Welding is probably the least understood repair procedure in the collision industry, yet it’s the most critical. Do your techs know the best gas mixture for MIG welding high-strength steel or the proper gun angle for making a lap joint? Are you sure?

Oops … I Did It Again: Color Matching

Are you a repeat offender when it comes to color matching mistakes? Color matching doesn’t have to be difficult – or costly – if you follow this simple advice.

Beat the Clock: The Need for the Repair Industry to Improve Cycle Time.

Today’s consolidators are pushing the cycle time envelope. One even reports a 40 percent decrease in the time it takes its shops to return a car to the customer compared to the industry average. How can you compete? These affordable equipment options can help streamline your repair process and reduce turnaround time.