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Do Your Job and Get Paid for It: Estimating

Too many shops aren’t getting compensated for the repair procedures they perform because they fail to itemize them on their estimates. How can you be sure you get paid for all the work you do? Become familiar with your estimating system P-pages.

Taking the Despair Out of Door Skin Repair

To make this often-dreaded task more appealing to techs – and more profitable to your shop – re-think door skin replacement during the estimating process. Then after writing an estimate that includes all the necessary procedures, enlist a few special techniques and tools to speed up the actual repair.

Repairers to the Rescue: Charitable BodyShop Owners

Collecting food for the hungry and building homes for the homeless may not seem heroic compared to pulling a child from a burning building, but they are heroic – especially to the people on the receiving end of your charitable acts

Let Them Eat Cake: Good Rules to Keep Happy Employees

Keeping your employees happy is key to retaining them and satisfying customers. How do you tailor a rewards program to fit your employees needs? It’s not as complicated or as costly as you may think. With a little ingenuity – such as celebrating birthdays – you can have your cake and eat it too.

The Dirt … On Dirt

Is contamination in your paint jobs a common occurrence? It shouldn’t be. If you identify all the potential sources of contamination, you’ll find that painting isn’t such a dirty job after all.

Precision Work” “Pull & Square Body”

How many of you use the term “pull and square body”? How many of you know exactly what it means? To an adjuster, it’s a non-specific repair term that often leads to a reduction in time and pay. But being more descriptive about frame damage and pulling procedures on your estimates can change that

Restoring Corrosion Protection

Just because you’ve meticulously measured and pulled a vehicle back to spec doesn’t mean your job is done. One of the most important tasks in bringing a car back to pre-accident condition is still at hand: restoring corrosion protection.

Finding Your True Cost of Business

It takes more than a coin toss to decide which jobs your shop should accept. It’s about understanding the cost of doing business. If you’re not measuring the profitability of repairs, how do you know the repairs are even profitable?

Understanding Structure

Your customers cherish their automobiles — giving them names and personalities. And while you can dispute whether cars have souls, you can’t dispute that they have dimension. In fact, looking at cars as 3-D objects is the heart and soul of understanding structure.

Should You Repair Air Bags?

With the right training and tools, air-bag replacement can be done at your shop — bringing you more profits and more control over uncontrollable circumstances.

Frame Rail: Repair or Replace?

Because your customers’ safety is in your hands, it’s crucial to know when – and when not – to section a damaged frame rail.