Tom Brandt, Author at BodyShop Business
10 Reasons To Measure

Whether it’s minor or major structural damage, setting up your measuring system and then measuring properly reduces the overall time spent repairing the vehicle.

Check It Out: Quality-Control Inspection

If you want happier customers (and less headaches), perform a systematic quality-control inspection before
releasing the vehicle.

Hot Driver = Unsatisfied Customer

Today’s A/C-dependent consumers need their air conditioning.

Is My Job Killing Me

Timothy, your question is a good one and involves more than a yes or a no answer. As I read your question, I can’t help but notice that there are some factors in your life that may be causing you to ask this question now. All of us, as we travel through life’s journey, have

(Not) Stuck on You: Plastic Parts Repairs

Unfortunately, when it comes to plastic parts repairs, many techs have experienced failures and would rather perform a procedure they are successful at: replacing the part.

Pinchweld Flanges: The Weakest Link

Because glass installation has become a specialty area in the collision industry, it’s often handled by an outside installer or a specialist inside the shop. And it seems natural to separate this operation from other steps in the repair.

Recycled Airbags: Do They Work

Because replacement parts cost big bucks, some see recycled air bags as the answer. But since OEMs recommend only the use of new OEM parts in this type of repair, is taking the recycled air bag route going to leave your shop holding the liability bag?

Out of Retirement: Full-framed Vehicles

Just when you thought they were gone for good, MJ, bell bottoms and full-framed vehicles are back. Though Jordan can still score 40 points per game and bell bottoms are still … scary, today’s full frames aren’t the same as the ones produced in the past. And the repair procedures aren’t the same either. by