Tony Passwater, Author at BodyShop Business
Itemizing Estimates: Where Do We STOP?

If you’ve been involved in this industry as long as (or longer than) I have, you may still remember the days when handwritten estimates were a way of life and computers and computerized estimating systems were still just Buck Rogers science fiction. Since estimates were handwritten back then, they were often as few lines as

Assembly-Line Processing:Coming Soon to a Shop Near You

As repair dollars shrink and competition grows, we need to change the way we process vehicles to stay competitive and profitable.

Is Your Shop Sick? The Preventative Approach

If you want your shop to have a long (and profitable) life, it needs to periodically see a shop doc.

Going Head 2 Head

Use “Key Performance Indicators” to compare your shop against others – and to identify and eliminate any

Shop Manager, Show Me the Money

eff Rice, body shop manager, Pace Collision Center, Huntington, Indiana, says, “I always see what you’re supposed to pay techs, but what should managers make?

Going Head-To-Head with DRPs

If you’re of the opinion that you can “beat ’em and don’t want to join ’em”, you need to market your shop
aggressively to consumers and offer them something they can’t get at a preferred provider shop.

When Every Day is Deja Vu

This Month’s Ailing Shop …

Examining the State of the Industry

What’s happening in your shop and your local market aren’t the only factors influencing your shop’s profitability. Pay attention to the world around you.

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Though many shops are hesitant to join direct-repair programs, most consumers like the convenience and don’t particularly care where their car gets repaired – as long as it gets done fast. Does this consumer apathy mean shop owners should focus less energy on consumers and worry more about positioning their businesses for the future?

Got Friction? Metal Department vs. Paint Department

One of the longest-running battles within a collision repair facility is the one between the metal department and paint department. And in some of the shops I’ve worked with throughout the world, it had escalated past a battle – it was more like a civil war going on between these two main production departments. Each

Does Your Shop Measure Up?

Whether you’re planning to open a collision repair business or already own one, these figures will help you measure where you’re at – and where you need to be.

Figuring Out Financials

This Month’s Ailing Shops … Shop No. 1 Annual Sales Volume: $449,000 Units Completed: 357 Average Repair: $1,257.70 Organization: Sole Proprietorship Employees: 7 Owner: Steve Accounting Duties: Steve’s wife, Cheryl Shop No. 2: Annual Sales Volume: $2.4 million Units Completed: 1,369 Average Repair: $1,753.10 Organization: Sub Chapter S Corporation Employees: 17 Owner: Mark Accounting Duties: