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Adhesives for Toyota Collision Repair

BASIC GUIDELINES AND RESOURCES! The use of adhesive materials in collision repair is expanding. That’s because vehicles have changed how they are manufactured at the factory and how they are repaired in collision repair facilities. Therefore, adhesives play a vital role in both processes. Just as you need to use the right tool for the

More Toyota EV, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles

TIME TO GET PREPARED! As Toyota moves forward with the production of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs), and Hybrid Vehicles (HVs), the question is: Is your collision repair facility prepared for the challenges that these vehicles present? LIGHTER, MORE SOPHISTICATED VEHICLESTo make vehicles more efficient, Toyota is making vehicles lighter and more


KNOWING WHEN TO REPAIR OR REPLACE A RADIATOR OR CONDENSER RADIATOR PERFORMANCE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO VEHICLE PERFORMANCE. If a radiator is damaged in a collision and not properly repaired, the engine could overheat, could cause a coolant leak, or the transmission could fail. That’s why it’s critical to properly assess front-end damage to determine