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Auto Damage Experts Provides Expert Testimony in Criminal Trial


David Smith of Auto Damage Experts (ADE) was recently called upon in criminal court in Oregon to render expert opinion on behalf of the defendant in an Oregon state criminal case. The matter involved the accusation and ensuing assault charges filed by the State of Oregon against a man who allegedly broke the side glass of his estranged wife’s vehicle. The accusation was made that the defendant struck the window with his fist out of anger to gain entry of the vehicle.   

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Conversely, the defendant stated he merely tapped on the glass with the tip of his key asking that the window be rolled down and upon doing so the glass broke. The defense counsel called upon Auto Damage Experts to research and to testify as to what would be required to break the side glass. David Smith, with the aid of demonstrative evidence showed that breakage of the side glass could occur with as little as 12 lbs. of force when applied with the tip of a pointed metal object such as the tip of a key.

The sitting jury found the testimony and evidence to support the defense and finding the accused man not guilty.

Attorney Ryan Colbridge of Corbridge & Kroll Attorneys at Law, LLC, the lead defense attorney in the case, stated, “I have had the chance to work with David Smith from Auto Damage Experts in multiple trials both civil and criminal. Most recently, his testimony on the stand and expertise in the auto industry was a primary factor in getting my client acquitted in a criminal matter for which
he was wrongfully charged. David’s clear and professional presentation to the jury was a key factor in their understanding of facts relevant to the case."


Barrett Smith, founder and president of Auto Damage Experts, Inc., added, “With the many services ADE provides, we never know what we’ll be called upon to assist with next. This was a unique case and we are pleased that we were able to aid the jury and the court in rendering a sound and proper verdict.”

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