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Automotive Body Parts Association Announces Support of PARTS Act


The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) today announced its support of the Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade and Sales (PARTS) Act.  

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The PARTS Act seeks to revise the current design patent law and reduce the period during which car companies can enforce their design patents on collision repair parts against alternative suppliers from 14 years to 2.5 years.  It will initiate the 2.5 year endorsement period beginning on the day a model containing the design patented parts is first offered for sale in any country.  It also permits alternative suppliers to manufacture, test, market and distribute parts pre-sale without infringing upon the design patents during the 2.5 years enforcement period.

“Car owners lose big when car companies eliminate competition from alternative suppliers whose parts are anywhere between 25 to 50 percent less expensive,” said Edward Salamy, executive director of the ABPA.  “Major car companies already control 72 percent of the collision parts market and they are expanding their monopoly by securing design patents on collision parts. This lack of competition financially hurts the American consumer with higher insurance costs, more totaled vehicles and limits their choices on how they can get their vehicle repaired.”

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