Axalta's Automotive Color Survey Shows 60% of Mexicans Prefer Red, Silver or White
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Axalta Survey Shows Mexicans Prefer Red, Silver or White Cars

Axalta has announced the results of its second annual National Automotive Color Preferences Survey in Mexico. The survey showed that nearly 60% of automobile buyers in Mexico prefer one of three colors – red, silver or white.

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Red led the three “most preferred” colors with 20% of respondents citing it as their favorite. Red is especially popular in the center, north and southeast of the country, which represents more than half of the territory, particularly among women and millennials. Axalta is the first global coatings company to conduct a survey in Mexico that evaluates preferred automotive colors.

“Our survey results show that color is ‘very’ or ‘extremely important’ for nearly 70% of Mexicans when making a decision to buy a vehicle,” said Daniel Salcido, president of Latin America North at Axalta. “That’s why Axalta, as an industry leader and color expert, listens to the preferences of consumers and continuously analyzes market trends to anticipate what the next most popular color will emerge.”


While results indicate that red continues as one of the most favored colors nationally, most respondents said they own a white car. According to Axalta’s 67th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report released in 2019, white retained the top spot for seven consecutive years as the most popular color worldwide. The preference for white is due to its modern-day appeal, cooling properties and overall clean appearance. It is found most often on trucks, small vehicles and SUVs, while black is most popular on luxury vehicles.

“With our expertise in color, the market in Mexico looks to Axalta to be on the forefront of color trends,” said Marcela Bussey, transportation technology manager for Axalta Mexico. “The insights we uncover through surveys such as the annual National Automotive Color Preferences Survey are used to better understand the needs and wants of Mexican consumer. Axalta is committed to innovation and constantly worked to develop newer and better technologies to our customers in Mexico.”


In addition to be the favorite color among Mexican car buyers, the survey also showed that six out of 10 Mexicans would consider repainting their vehicles mostly to update the appearance and red would be the preferred option for them. This indicates an evolving trend among consumers and creates a new opportunity for the coatings industry to offer cost effective ways to meet this new demand.

“Consumer preference and color preferences are fleeting,” said Jorge Hirata, refinish technology director for Axalta México. “Whether it’s the color of your room, your mobile phone or your vehicle, consumers want flexibility to change their look where and when they choose. This creates a new dynamic for the coatings and automotive industries. It’s up to industry leaders like Axalta to innovate new products and systems rapidly to meet these new consumer demands in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.”


Axalta recently opened the world’s largest research and development center dedicated to coatings and color, where more than 200 engineers and scientists are working to provide innovative and high-technology solutions to satisfy customers’ needs around the world.

For more information about Axalta’s color, visit We Live Color.

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