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BMW = More Lovin’

Men who drive BMWs have the most sex.

Apparently, the car really does make the man – or at least the activities of the man. According to Men’s Car, a new German car magazine, men who drive BMWs have the most sex, even over those driving a Porsche.

My distrusting reporter’s nose told me something just might be amiss (as in BMW might be the publisher of said magazine), but there’s no obvious connection between the publication and the automaker. (You’ve got to admit, that would be some pretty darned good marketing!)

In its survey (carried out by Hamburg-based opinion-poll-institute Gewis), of the 2,253 surveyed motorists ages 20 to 50, BMW drivers say they have sex on average 2.2 times each week, while Porsche drivers have sex 1.4 times per week.

Following BMW drivers were Audi (2.1), Volkswagen (1.9), Ford (1.7) and Mercedes (1.6). Drivers of foreign car makes were also behind BMW with Italian cars (2.0), French (1.9), Japanese (1.8), Swedish (1.6) and Korean cars (1.5) trailing after.

Interestingly, in driving the women’s “extracurricular activities,” it’s French vehicle owners who come out on top (ooh-la-la) with 2.1 times per week, followed by Audi (2.0), Italian (2.0) and BMW (1.9), with Porsche at the bottom of the scale at 1.2 times per week.

But don’t feel too badly for those Porsche drivers because the survey also showed that male German Porsche drivers are less faithful than any other car owners surveyed, with 49 percent of them admitting to cheating on their partners (apparently the mid-life-crisis car really is the Porsche).

And those “active” BMW drivers may be having more sex, but apparently, it’s not always with their partners either. Following closely behind the Porsche drivers, 46 percent of the BMW drivers admitted unfaithfulness.

Among women, Audi drivers were the least devoted to their partners, with 41 percent admitting to having affairs. (To be clear, there’s no mention of whether the vehicles were part of the infidelity – or the scene of said infidelity – just that the cheaters drive the specific car.)

The most faithful group were owners of Opel-Vauxhall (a division of General Motors) cars, with only 31 percent of male and 28 percent of female drivers in Germany having committed adultery.

I guess it goes to show that the car you own may not just drive you from place to place – it may also drive your sex life.

Cheryl McMullen, who by the way does not drive a French car, is managing editor of BodyShop Business.

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