BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile: Aluminum Repair

BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile: Aluminum Repair

Our 2017 Industry Profile survey indicates that 61 percent of you feel prepared to perform aluminum repairs.

Even though it seems scanning has stolen the spotlight from aluminum repair lately, aluminum repair is still a big deal in the collision repair industry.

Ever since the introduction of the all-aluminum F-150, collision repairers have had to get training on repairing aluminum because it’s different than steel. Some have also had to get additional tooling and equipment. And aluminum is not a passing fad – more and more automakers will be introducing this metal into their vehicles in order to hit government-mandated fuel efficiency requirements.

The 2017 BodyShop Business Industry Profile gives us some confidence that things are trending in the right direction when it comes to aluminum repair. Approximately 61 percent of you said you currently feel prepared to perform aluminum repairs.

Also, 69 percent of you said either you or someone in your shop has had aluminum training in the past year. In an industry that sometimes falls victim to the “I’ve been doing this for 30 years” mentality, the fact that repairers are actively seeking training is a good thing.

For more results from the 2017 Industry Profile, read the May issue of BodyShop Business.

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