Bonding Solutions Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Geo Walcom's Genesi Carbonio 360 Spray Gun Line

Bonding Solutions Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Geo Walcom’s Genesi Carbonio 360 Spray Gun Line

Through its nationwide sales force, Bonding Solutions will be working with jobbers to market Geo Walcom's professional spray equipment made of carbon fiber to body shops and collision centers domestically.

Geo Walcom of Italy announced that Bonding Solutions of Reno, Nev., will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Geo Walcom’s Genesi Carbonio 360 line of spray guns as well as the full line of Geo Carbonio spray equipment. Through its extensive nationwide sales force, Bonding Solutions will be working with jobbers to market this line to body shops and collision centers domestically.

The first line of hi-tech professional spray equipment that’s made of carbon fiber, the Genesi Carbonio 360 line is already popular in Europe. After years of extensive testing with all of the major paint manufacturers’ products throughout the world, Geo Walcom said it believes this line will quickly become one of the leading spray guns in the country.

“For decades, the industry has been trying to make lighter spray guns that are more user-friendly and designed to prevent fatigue and injuries to painters’ shoulders, backs and arms. Well, it’s finally here!” said Bill Kernahan, sales manager of Bonding Solutions. “The beauty, surface finish and functionality of this spray gun are unprecedented. The fact that it is made out of carbon fiber means it is never cold to your touch, which is also a big deal for any painter. We feel that if a body shop owner or manager can see this highly unique line demonstrated, they will want their painters to start using it almost immediately, and that’s why we’re so excited about this partnership with Geo Carbonio. We are already working diligently to get this game-changing spray equipment into the hands of your painters pronto, because it is unlike anything else they’ve ever encountered.”

Geo Walcom claims that the Geo Carbonio line is getting five-star reviews by collision centers that are using it, with the highest levels of transfer efficiency and unmatched atomization. Four different models meet every painter’s needs and style of spraying: the HTE Base for basecoats; HTE Clear for clearcoats; HVLP for basecoats; and the GEO designed for base coats and clearcoats.

The Genesi Carbonio 360 features a metal core and is over-injected with carbon fiber with a focus on ergonomics, alleviating the wear and tear on painters’ backs, shoulder and arms. It also features a sophisticated shape, is designed with an attention to detail, and is 100 percent made and engineered in Italy.

“We saw that Bonding Solutions has a strong sales presence nationwide and an understanding of the spray gun market,” said Walcom Geo CEO Lorenzo Zanetti. “The Genesi Carbonio 360 is a product that we feel is changing the industry, and that’s why we needed to be aligned with a company like Bonding Solutions.”

Other features of the Genesi Carbonio 360 include:

  • At 12.6 oz., it is on average 40 percent lighter than its competitors.
  • Forged aluminum body processed on 5-axis CNC, over-injected with carbon fiber. A combination of resistance, reliability and lightweight.
  • Matte galvanized aluminum knobs stainless steel threaded axle. Internal aluminum bushings with stainless steel helicoid (self-locking thread) for high precision control, stable over time.
  • DGT digital pressure regulator, with quick disconnector for gauge release and M1/4 (30°) swivel adapter.
  • Keeps the essential key features of a spray gun, such as the stainless steel needle-nozzle, the brass air cap with a carbon fiber ring, etc.
  • At 360 grams, it’s the lightest finishing spray gun on the market
  • Unachievable spraying and atomizing performance, with transfer efficiency over 70 percent.

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