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BOSS SMARTways Business Consulting for Body Shops Now in USA

With a proven track record in Australian body shops, BOSS Australia says it can now show U.S. body shops how their programs can work for them.


BOSS Australia has announced that it is now offering its body shop business consulting services in the USA. 

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With a proven track record in Australian body shops (over 120 programs implemented in Australia and New Zealand), BOSS Australia says it can now show U.S. body shops how the programs can work for them.

To achieve SMARTways success, Boss applies a simple and logical 5-step business development process that ensures that you understand where your business is now, where you would like it to be and what it will take to get there. Areas covered include:

  • Management effectiveness
  • People training and business education
  • Workshop productivity
  • Cost control and breakeven analysis
  • Work volumes and work provider relationships
  • Repair strategies and estimating
  • Business ethics
  • Work place agreement for performance-based remuneration

The process contains five steps:

  1. Evaluate: SMARTways business overview analysis (KPI review) provides the client with a detailed assessment of their business covering all aspects of business performance. Tesults are rated against benchmarks for over 120 Australian body shops and provide a sound basis for understanding the true potential of the business.
  2. Identify: Analysis and reporting within the review will identify the true potential of the business, key areas of profit leakage and the actions required to bring out the best in the business.
  3. Agree: A BOSS consultant will work with the client to establish what they are prepared to do to improve their business. Consultants will explain actions and effects in detail so that fully informed decisions can be made.
  4. Design: Once objectives are agreed upon, the BOSS consultant will design a profit development plan to achieve those objectives.

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