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SATA Spray Equipment

Phone: 800-533-8016Fax: 507-346-7481 PO Box 46
Spring Valley MN 55975

Recent Products

SATA Introduces SATAjet X 5500 True Soul Spray Gun

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-16-2021

SATA has introduced the new SATAjet X 5500 True Soul, a spray gun that is truly inspiring with its wild, beautiful and vivid design. Colorful, fanciful motifs such as dragons, female beauties, exotic...

SATAjet X 5500 Bionic – Below The Surface!

by Sata Spray Equipment - 11-02-2020

SATA spray guns do not only inspire with their stunning aesthetics, they deliver with their cutting-edge engineering. The inner workings of a SATA spray gun is something that many wish to see – and...

SATA to Launch SATAjet X 5500 Bionic Oct. 12

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-08-2020

SATA announced it will be launching and making available the SATAjet X 5500 Bionic on Oct. 12, which will reveal the unseen technology that makes your SATA spray gun so special. With this special gun...

SATA to Unveil Newest Special Edition Spray Gun Design at SEMA 2017

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-13-2017

SATA announced it will be unveiling its latest special edition spray gun design at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The gun was designed by famous painter Connie Manjavinos, who has also gained fame ...

SATA Unveils Dry Jet 2

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 05-16-2016

SATA has announced the unveiling of the new SATA dry jet 2. To ensure a fast drying process following the application of waterborne paint, it's vital to apply as much air as possible within a shor...

Get High Performance with the Limited Edition SATAjet 5000 B Chopper

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-11-2015

SATA announced that following the successful market launch in autumn 2014 of the new high-performance spray gun SATAjet 5000, it's now offering this spray gun model for the first time in a special sur...

High-Performance Spray Gun

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 11-24-2014

The SATAjet 5000 B allows the painter to flexibly set the inlet pressure in a range between 7 and 32 PSI with a gun distance between 4 to 8.5 inches, depending on material, ambient conditions and pers...

'SATAjet 4000 B Heart & Soul' Special Edition Spray Gun Launching in October

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-16-2011

Under the fitting slogan “Heart & Soul," SATA is launching its first limited special edition of the premium SATAjet 4000 B spray gun in a unique fantasy tattoo design. Designed by famous U.S....

Recent News

SATA Continues Fight Against Counterfeit Spray Guns

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 08-16-2021

SATA announced it is continuing its fight against knockoff and counterfeit spray guns, of which it is a target as they are a leader in professional paint application and the manufacturer of some of t...

SATA Announces Spring Fitness Tracker Promotion

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 05-03-2019

SATA has announced that it will be including a free SATA fitness tracker with every new SATAjet X 5500 spray gun purchased beginning May 1, 2019, while supplies last. The fitness tracker rec...

SATA SATAjet X 5500 Spray Gun

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-16-2018

  SATA has introduced the SATAjet X 5500 featuring the new X-nozzle system that will be available starting Nov. 1, 2018. The collision repair industry has seen a lot of changes in r...

Feel the Beat with SATA's 2018 Spring Promo

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 04-16-2018

SATA has announced a 2018 spring promotion where the purchase of a SATAjet 5000 B during the promotion period of April 16 through May 24 (or while supplies last) will earn you a free set of SATA he...

Enter the SATA Spray Gun Design Contest

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 02-10-2012

SATA is holding a contest to find out who can design the most appealing unique finish on a SATAjet 4000 B spray gun. This is targeted at painting professionals, custom painters, airbrushers and other ...

SATA Donates Equipment to Five Schools via Collision Repair Education Foundation

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-30-2011

SATA has donated over $10,000 (total) in equipment to five schools’ collision programs through the Collision Repair Education Foundation. The five schools applied for the Education Foundation’s 20...

SATA Bans Website from Unauthorized Selling of its Products

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 01-15-2009

SATA products will no longer be available through several Web sites after a lawsuit was settled last month. SATA and its distributor Dan-Am and defendants and David Nakatsu signed an ...



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