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U.S. Body Products

Fax: 239-543-4900
Contact: Dick Allegrati

Recent Products

Air Cleaner for Small Shops

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-07-2013

U.S. Body Products/Airomax has a new, smaller air cleaner suitable for shops up to 700 square feet in size. After using the Model 700, the shop air will be 75 to 90 percent cleaner, the company says....

Clean Shop Air at a Low Cost

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-02-2010

For less than 95 cents per square foot of space, you can breathe 75 to 90 percent cleaner shop air and reduce exhaust by 80 percent. Use AIROMAX air cleaners hung from the ceiling and watch the clo...

Reduce Heating Costs

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 02-09-2009

AIROMAX units hung from your ceiling can reduce all of your shop’s air pollutants by 75 percent to 90 percent. Save your lungs and reduce clean-up. Also, reduce exhaust and save heat costs.  Wa...

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