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BendPak, Inc.

Fax: 805-529-2909 1645 Lemonwood Drive
Santa Paul CA 93060

Recent Products

BendPak Introduces New Ergochair Creeper/Work Seat

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-24-2022

BendPak has introduced the Ergochair, a new brand dedicated to helping technicians work more comfortably. With Ergochair, BendPak has reinvented the traditional mechanic’s creeper to create a p...

Dannmar Introduces New D4-12A Alignment Lift

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-07-2022

The new D4-12A alignment lift from Dannmar (a BendPak brand) can be used to perform two- or four-wheel alignments and general service work on cars, SUVs and light trucks weighing up to 12,000 lbs. ...

Dannmar Introduces New Heavy-Duty Two-Post Lifts

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 08-03-2022

Dannmar, a BendPak brand, has introduced two symmetric heavy-duty two-post lifts big and tough enough to service pickups and loaded medium-duty trucks but versatile enough to handle cars, too. Bot...

Bendpak Introduces New Cool Boss Evaporative Air Coolers

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 08-02-2022

Building on the success of its original portable evaporative air cooler, Cool Boss, a division of BendPak, Inc., is rolling out an all-new lineup of seven energy-efficient models designed to cost-eff...

BendPak Introduces LITESTIX Hands-Free Light

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-25-2021

BendPak has introduced new LITESTIX, a bright, versatile LED work light powered by a rechargeable lithium battery so it’s completely portable. LITESTIX uses 36 LED bulbs to provide 1,200 lumens ...

BendPak Introduces EV Battery Pack/Powertrain Lifting System

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-14-2021

BendPak’s new SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system helps technicians safely and efficiently remove, service and install heavy battery packs from a wide ran...

Dannmar Unveils Upgraded Car Lifts, Wheel Service Equipment

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 05-03-2021

BendPak Inc. announced it has completed its overhaul of the Dannmar brand and is rolling out a completely updated and expanded line of professional-grade car lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers and...

BendPak Redesigns MaxJax Portable Two-Post Lift

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-15-2020

After six months of design, engineering and production improvements, BendPak Inc. is rolling out the new MaxJax M6K portable two-post lift with a national TV, print and online advertising campaign. ...

Low-Rise Lift

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 01-20-2014

BendPak’s LR-5T is a 10,000-pound capacity low-rise lift that accommodates passenger cars and trucks. It features specialty adapters, wider drive-over capability and increased lifting capacity. ...

Work More Comfortably

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 08-15-2013

BendPak/Ranger's TS-150 Height Adjustable Tire Spreader quickly lifts tires to a convenient work height to make repairs more comfortable for the technician. The heavy-duty rollers permit tires to ...

Easily Locate BendPak/Ranger Service Center

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 11-01-2012

BendPak's enhanced ClickServe Web-based platform allows customers to locate a local BendPak or Ranger service center by navigating to the ClickServe website and entering their U.S. or Canadian ZIP...

Recent News

Bendpak Expands Due to Booming Lift/Garage Equipment Business

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-09-2020

BendPak, a global leader in car lifts and automotive service equipment, announced that less than six months after opening a 100,000-square-foot distribution center near Mobile, Ala., to better serve ...

BendPak Set to Begin Construction on New Facility in Early 2018

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-24-2017

BendPak Inc. is set to expand for the second year in a row with a 50,000-plus square-foot facility. The move comes on the heels of a massive expansion just months prior and marks a new chapter for B...

BendPak Expands with 70,000-Square-Foot Shipping and Receiving Facility

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-03-2017

After nearly seven months of construction, BendPak celebrated the grand opening of its new 70,000-square-foot shipping and receiving facility, which is one block from BendPak’s main headquarters i...

BendPak Begins Construction of New Facility

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-22-2014

BendPak Inc. has announced the groundbreaking of a 67,000-square-foot multipurpose warehouse and shipping center located on 3.7 acres of land in Santa Paula, Calif. The new facility will further expan...



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