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Recent Products

Atomizing Gun

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 04-05-2012

The new traditional atomizing gun from Anest Iwata has a larger spray pattern combined with all stainless steel wetted parts and high chrome finish that makes this a perfect gun for water or solvent. ...

HVLP Compliant Hybrid Gun

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 09-29-2010

Anest Iwata’s new Supernova HYBRID LS400H has superior atomizing techno-logy, incorporating HVLP with the speed of compliant guns. It’s compliant with HVLP legislation (10 psi dynamic pressure at ...

Affordable Spray Guns

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-15-2009

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. offers a range of affordable spray guns from its Air Gunsa division. The new, redesigned, lower cost Air Gunsa guns are set up for performance. Choose either the HVLP with cu...

Recent News

ANEST IWATA Releasing 85th Anniversary Gun

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-22-2010

In recognition of ANEST IWATA's 85th anniversary, the company has designed a limited edition spray gun, with each gun individually numbered for authenticity. ANEST IWATA teamed up with Charley Hutton ...