BendPak, Inc.

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Categories: Air Supply Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Lifts & Jacks, Refinishing, Repair, Service Equipment, Storage

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Low-Rise Lift

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 01-20-2014

BendPak’s LR-5T is a 10,000-pound capacity low-rise lift that accommodates passenger cars and trucks. It features specialty adapters, wider drive-over capability and increased lifting capacity. ...

Work More Comfortably

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 08-15-2013

BendPak/Ranger's TS-150 Height Adjustable Tire Spreader quickly lifts tires to a convenient work height to make repairs more comfortable for the technician. The heavy-duty rollers permit tires to ...

Easily Locate BendPak/Ranger Service Center

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 11-01-2012

BendPak's enhanced ClickServe Web-based platform allows customers to locate a local BendPak or Ranger service center by navigating to the ClickServe website and entering their U.S. or Canadian ZIP...

Recent News

BendPak Set to Begin Construction on New Facility in Early 2018

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-24-2017

BendPak Inc. is set to expand for the second year in a row with a 50,000-plus square-foot facility. The move comes on the heels of a massive expansion just months prior and marks a new chapter for B...

BendPak Expands with 70,000-Square-Foot Shipping and Receiving Facility

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-03-2017

After nearly seven months of construction, BendPak celebrated the grand opening of its new 70,000-square-foot shipping and receiving facility, which is one block from BendPak’s main headquarters...

BendPak Begins Construction of New Facility

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-22-2014

BendPak Inc. has announced the groundbreaking of a 67,000-square-foot multipurpose warehouse and shipping center located on 3.7 acres of land in Santa Paula, Calif. The new facility will further expan...


B-TEC Systems / B-TEC USA, LLC

13769 East Lupine Avenue
Scottsdale Arizona 85259
United States
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Recent Products

B-TEC Systems Introduces High-Speed Dryer for Spray-Outs

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 12-18-2015

The ST-01 Paint Sample Dryer is designed to produce rapid drying of both waterborne basecoats and urethane clears and single-stage coatings. The ST-01 can use infrared, air movement or both to obt...

B-TEC Systems Unveils New Infrared Curing Equipment Range

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 09-28-2015

A new range of short-wave infrared equipment is being introduced in the U.S. The B-TEC Systems infrared range has been highly successful in Europe and will now be available to American customers. The ...

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Bienvenue Marketing Inc.

Phone: (450) 521-8110
Contact: Francois Bienvenue
Categories: Advertising & Marketing Services, Compressed Air Systems, Spray Guns & Painting

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Boge America, Inc.

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Categories: Compressed Air Systems, Refinishing

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