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Cebora MIG Welder 386 Features T-Link Connection that Protects User’s Eyes

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-05-2017

The Cebora Model 386 is a collision-specific pulse MIG welder approved for repairs on Tesla’s aluminum vehicles. A 5-inch LCD touch screen enables quick and easy setup; simply choose the prog...

Insert and Remove Rivets in Steel and Aluminum

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-27-2015

Cebotech's rivet tool will insert and remove SPRs in steel as well as aluminum panels. The tool is well balanced and can apply five tons of force while inserting rivets. The tool kit is supplied in a ...

Make Aluminum Welding Easier

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 02-18-2015

All three of Cebotech’s MIG welders (models 301, 302 and 322) were designed to make aluminum welding easier. They’re supplied with built-in welding programs for easy setup, and are ready for a Pus...

Repair Plastic Parts

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 04-10-2012

Cebotech Inc., distributors of OEM-approved TECNA resistance spot welders and CEBORA aluminum pulse MIG welders and plasma cutters, is also your source for the Plastic Spot. This high-quality plastic ...

Recent News

Cebora S.p.A. Lends Support to 2017 Formula SAE Race Teams

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-12-2017

CEBORA S.p.A, an Italian developer of new welding technology and manufacturer of leading range of automotive welders, announced it is lending its support to the Scuderia Tor Vergata of the Universi...

Tesla Approves Cebora Double-Pulse MIG Welders

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-04-2017

Cebotech recently announced that Tesla has approved three of Cebora’s pulse MIG welders for repair of its aluminum vehicles. The three approved pulse MIG welders are models 301, 302 and 386, re...


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