SprayMax Aerosols

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Corrosion Protection for Aluminum

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 01-14-2015

SprayMax's 2K Wash Primer is one product of the SprayMax Aerosol Small Damage Repair System. It provides exceptional corrosion protection on different metal surfaces – specifically aluminum – used...

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Steck Manufacturing

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Contact: John Brillhttp://www.steckmfg.com
Categories: Hand Tools, Metal Finishing/Filling, Miscellaneous, Plastics & Plastic Repair, Repair, Shop Management & Operations, Welding Equipment & Products

Recent Products

Steck Shaper Kit Brings Deformed Parts Back to Original Shape

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-07-2018

The Steck Panel Shaper Kit (20046) is an air-hammer-driven set that consists of three self-lubricating, nylon-reinforced heads that allow technicians to reach deep areas and bring deformed parts ...

Steck Manufacturing Co. Introduces Right Angle Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-26-2017

Removing trim clips without breaking them is a challenge with ordinary pliers, especially in tight areas. But the hardened steel tapered end of the Right Angle Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier (part no. 21...

Steck Manufacturing Releases New Antenna Wrench II

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-02-2016

Removal of antennas on vehicles can become difficult, especially with the raised hood design that prevents many tools from allowing access to the bezel nut. The Antenna Wrench II works in conjunct...

Eliminate Corrosion Worries with Steck's New Light Toe Dolly Cover

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-22-2015

Steck Manufacturing Company's Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover is made from Buna rubber and allows you to transition from using body tools on steel to using the same body tools on aluminum witho...

Steck Aluminum Tools Now Ford Approved

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-26-2015

The Soft Strike Aluminum Conversion Kit (PN3500) allows the technician to protect their existing hammer and dollies by using Soft Strike Aluminum Covers to also work on aluminum body components. Finis...

Skin Window Openings Easily with Steck Manufacturing's New Skin Zipper2

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-14-2015

Steck Manufacturing's Skin Zipper2 (PN 21894) now allows you to reach tighter areas than the original Skin Zipper. The new air hammer-driven steel door skinning tool for the window flange opening is e...

Skin Doors in a Flash

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-06-2015

Steck Manufacturing's new air hammer-driven Al Skin Zipper door skinning tool is designed for any 1-millimeter aluminum skin and 1.5-millimeter door shell and is easily affordable for every auto body ...

Extract and Insert Self-Piercing Rivets with Ease

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 02-11-2015

Steck Manufacturing's new SPR Extraction Tool is a high-grade hardened steel frame with a ½-inch 20 Grade 8 hex bolt with hardened tip to push out a self-piercing rivet with a ¾-inch or 19 mm socket...

Prevent Cross-Contamination Between Steel and Aluminum

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 07-07-2014

Steck Manufacturing’s Aluminum Conversion Kit aims to prevent corrosion on aluminum components. The kit includes Soft Strike Rubber Dolly Body Covers and Dinging Spoon Cover, made from Buna rubber f...

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Steck Manufacturing Launches New Facebook Page

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-02-2012

Steck Manufacturing Company has launched its new Facebook page. Visitors who "Like" the page can view product photos and videos, stay updated on Steck news, find out what trade shows the company is at...

Larry Steck Remembered for Generous Spirit, Passion for Family Business

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-22-2008

Laurence D. “Larry” Steck, 56, vice president of Steck Manufacturing in Dayton, Ohio, passed away Friday, Oct. 17, due to complications from surgery at OSU Ross Heart Hospital in Columbus. Larr...


Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc.

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Contact: Joseph Kenny II http://www.safetyregulations.com
Categories: Air Supply Systems, Information, Training & Certification, Internet & Web-Enabled Services, Management & Financial Services, Miscellaneous, Paint Safety, Refinishing, Repair, Shop Management & Operations, Welding Safety

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Protect Yourself from OSHA and EPA

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 04-07-2011

Safety Regulation Strategies provides dealerships and body shops with “bulletproof” protection from OSHA and EPA. Services include safety and environmental inspections; certified hands-on training...

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Spectra Chrome LLC

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Contact: Dan McLaughlin http://www.spectrachrome.com