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Dustless Blasting

5711 Schurmier Rd
Houston TX 77048

Recent Products

Ideal Auto Restoration Tool

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 07-31-2012

The DB150 Dustless Blasting system is an ideal tool for auto restoration. It strips an entire vehicle in less than two hours using about $55 in materials. Priced under $5,000, this equipment pays for ...

Strip a Car in Two Hours for Less than $55

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 01-12-2012

MMLJ, Inc. introduces the Dustless Blasting series, which means no sanding, no warping, no rust and no dust. Traditional sandblasting requires large areas, warps panels, gets into the moving parts a...

Recent News


Recent Products

DV Systems' Apache Air Compressor Provides Quiet Air Supply

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 12-01-2015

The new A5T Apache air compressor from DV Systems features a quiet, enclosed rotary screw design, which means that you won’t hear it. Compact size means you can install it where you want to, and...

Recent News


Dynabrade, Inc.

Fax: 716-631-2073
Contact: Bill Koslowski

Recent Products

Featheredge with Ease with Dynabrade's Dynabug II Orbital Sander

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 07-31-2015

The Dynabrade Dynabug II Orbital air-powered orbital finishing sander creates a featheredge with ease. Designed for efficient finishing of composites, fiberglass, and painted and metal surfaces, t...

Grind Quickly and Efficiently

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 04-20-2015

This air tool is a multi-purpose abrasive belt tool that's ideal for grinding, blending and deburring various materials quickly and efficiently. With .5-hp and 20,000 RPM, it allows for ideal grinding...

Comfortable Disc Sander

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 04-04-2014

Dynabrade’s line of 2- and 3-inch diameter Disc Sanders are 20,000-RPM air tools designed for sanding and grinding in small areas. Each sander features a 7-degree offset handle for comfort and contr...

Air-Powered Engraving and Deburring Pen

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 06-21-2012

The DynaPen series of air tools from Dynabrade, Inc. is made for engraving, precision removal and deburring. The lightweight pneumatic tool operates at 14,000 strokes per minute. Featuring an easy one...

Recent News

Dynabrade Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 10-24-2022

Dynabrade, Inc. announced that it has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system. ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognized quality management standard developed and publish...

Dynabrade Acquires Strategic Supplier Manth Manufacturing

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-22-2021

Dynabrade, Inc. recently completed the acquisition of one of its strategic suppliers, Manth Mfg. Inc., located in Tonawanda, N.Y. Manth Mfg. will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of D...

Dynabrade Names New President

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-30-2021

Dynabrade, Inc. has announced the appointment of Michael Buffamonti as the company’s new president, effective April 1, 2021. Buffamonti most recently held the role of chief financial officer for...

Dynabrade Announces Retirement of President & CEO Hardy Hamann

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-05-2021

Dynabrade, Inc. has announced the retirement of President and CEO Hardy Hamann. His retirement will be effective March 31, 2021. Hardy Hamann “Over the last four decades, I have been able to ...

Dynabrade Celebrates 50th Anniversary

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 03-12-2019

Dynabrade, Inc., announced that it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 1, 2019. Walter Welsch started the company near Buffalo, N.Y., in 1969 after inventing the Dynafile, a pneu...

Dynabrade Appoints Steven Briggs Vice President of Sales

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 06-19-2017

Dynabrade, Inc. has announced the appointment of Steven D. Briggs to vice president of sales. Briggs joined Dynabrade 20 years ago, and since then has served in various positions within th...

Dynabrade Promotes Steve Briggs

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 05-24-2016

Dynabrade, Inc., has announced the promotion of Steve Briggs to global key accounts manager. Briggs has moved up through the company from territory sales representative to product manager and, most...

Dynabrade Announces Acquisition of National Detroit Pneumatic Tools

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 04-20-2015

Dynabrade, Inc., an abrasive power tool manufacturer, announced that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of National Detroit, Inc., located in Rockford, Ill., a manufacturer of pneumatic ab...

Dynabrade Board of Directors Names Ned T. Librock President

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 12-14-2011

Dynabrade, Inc. announced that Ned T. Librock, 58, has been appointed president of the Clarence, N.Y.-based industrial power tool manufacturer effective immediately. Librock had been serving as direct...



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