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Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc.

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Protect Yourself from OSHA and EPA

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 04-07-2011

Safety Regulation Strategies provides dealerships and body shops with “bulletproof” protection from OSHA and EPA. Services include safety and environmental inspections; certified hands-on training...

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SodaBlast Systems

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You Choose the Media, Flow and Pressure

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 09-12-2011

SodaBlast Systems’ SB 150 offers a tremendous bang for any restoration or body shop’s buck with its multi-media capability. Blasters can make an easy conversion from glass beads, garnet, coal slag...

Compact, Quiet Blaster

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 09-02-2010

SodaBlast Systems’ mobile, cart-mounted blasting system has a quiet, compact and powerful configuration. This portable system comes with a rotary twin screw, single-stage 27.1-hp compressor, nozzl...

Complete Cleaning and Stripping Solutions

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 02-10-2009

SodaBlast Systems’ affordable Blast Cabinet cleans every part of an engine rebuild. Combined with the portable unit, a panel can be stripped in minutes, and critical parts such as valve bodies a...

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Restoration Specialist Uses SodaBlast System to Bring Classic Plymouth Back to Life

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 12-13-2010

Car restoration specialist and certified SodaBlaster, Scott Morley of New Jersey, has a passion for old cars. Starting back in 1989 with his first car, a 1967 Dodge Coronet, Morley has loved stripping...

SodaBlast Systems Partners With Tools USA

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-20-2008

MMLJ, manufacturer of SodaBlast Systems, has announced that it's partnering with Tools USA/Standard Tools, a national distributor of auto body tools and supplies. The Tools USA Web site (www.toolsusa....



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