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CAPA Tops 45 Million Certified Parts


The Certified Automotive Parts Association says it achieved a major milestone at the close of 2010 by certifying over 45 million parts installed by collision repairers.  

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“That’s great news for the American consumer and those repairers looking to contain repair costs without compromising quality,” said Jack Gillis, executive director. “We expect to cross the 50 million mark in 2011.”
There are 40 manufacturers from North America and Asia who meet CAPA’s comprehensive standards for quality. CAPA says the manufacturers stand ready to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-quality, fairly priced alternatives.

“Right now, CAPA-approved manufacturers have the capacity to double, even triple their current
production of high quality, genuine CAPA Certified parts,” said Gillis. "As one manufacturer said, ‘We know we can meet CAPA’s Standards, we’re just waiting to be asked.’"
CAPA notes that each CAPA Certified part comes with a tamper-proof, two-part seal containing an individual electronic barcode/number for that unique part, which provides a user-friendly tracking system for shop owners and enables CAPA to track and maintain detailed records on each CAPA Certified part.
Bob Anderson, of Anderson’s Automotive in Sheffield, Ohio, and current CAPA board chair, said, "As more and more evidence surfaces about the quality of non-CAPA certified aftermarket parts, it has never been more important for shops to insist on CAPA Certified parts that fit, perform and last just like the car company brand parts. Unfortunately, just ordering a CAPA Certified part isn’t enough: you have to check to be sure you actually received one, and that’s easy to do by simply looking for the yellow and blue CAPA Quality Seal.”
"I know that there are a lot of skeptical shops who wonder if the CAPA Seal really means anything, because I was one of those shops," added Ben Steinman of Ben’s Auto Body in Mexico, Mo. "Because I understand the need for competitive parts, I decided to investigate CAPA.  What I found was eye-opening: real standards, real testing, real factory inspections — the works. All of it assured me that parts meeting the CAPA Standards were just the type of alternative parts that could help my business or any shop. That’s why I became a member of CAPA’s Technical Committee and now serve on CAPA’s Board, and why I continue to educate the industry about CAPA."

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