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CAR Coalition Launches National Right to Repair Campaign

The CAR Coalition, a growing group of independent automotive parts and repair companies, associations and insurers committed to preserving consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair, has launched a multi-million dollar campaign in support of the right to repair movement and key legislative measures, including the Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation (SMART) Act and other bills to come.

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At a time when Americans are getting squeezed by rising prices, the CAR Coalition believes the SMART Act will empower consumers to choose quality, safe and affordable aftermarket parts, while still respecting the intellectual property rights of automakers. The national education and mobilization effort will feature a microsite, display and video paid advertising, a “write your member of Congress” feature and an integrated government relations push.

“We’re excited to kickstart this national campaign in the fight to restore consumer choice, lower auto repair costs and ensure greater competition in the alternative parts industry,” said Justin Rzepka, executive director of the CAR Coalition. “Consumers and small businesses lose when 15-year design patents keep independent manufacturers from offering safe, quality and affordable aftermarket repair parts. The SMART Act would combat design patent abuse that restricts choice and drives up prices by reducing the time that car manufacturers can enforce design patents on common aftermarket parts, like side mirrors and bumpers.


“The right to repair movement is about making sure that Americans have control over their data and how and where they fix their products, especially cars. Following President Biden’s executive order on competition and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) ‘Nixing the Fix’ report, we’re excited to help Americans get informed and engaged.”

In addition to the CAR Coalition, which includes the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA), Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA), AutoZone and LKQ Corporation, the SMART Act is supported by the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Coalition, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), Auto Care Association, RetireSafe and AARP.


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