CAR Coalition Launches New Consumers Rights Video

CAR Coalition Launches New Consumer Rights Video

The video outlines the need to protect consumers’ rights in the post-collision automotive repair market.

The CAR Coalition, a growing group of independent automotive parts and repair companies, associations and insurers committed to preserving consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair, has released a new video outlining the need to protect consumers’ rights in the post-collision automotive repair market.

Along with the video, the coalition is launching a call to action encouraging lawmakers to prioritize consumer protection legislation related to auto repairs and data. These efforts are part of what the CAR Coalition says is an “ongoing effort to promote safe and economical choices for consumers in need of vehicle repairs.”

The call to action urges lawmakers to draft legislation based on the CAR Coalition’s four key principles of:

  1. Safety first
  2. Empower consumer choices
  3. Foster industry competition
  4. Keep consumer costs low

The call to action states in part:

“When a vehicle needs to be serviced or is damaged, the repair process is personal for the owner. It can also be overwhelmingly expensive. This is why it is so important that consumers have options when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. The auto manufacturers should not dictate how, when or where a vehicle is repaired – the vehicle owner should. In today’s advanced world, the how, when and where comes in the form of data. What’s more, vehicle owners should be in control of any data their vehicle produces. This will ensure they have the ability to take their vehicle to the repair shop of their choice and not be limited to manufacturer-only repairs.”

To watch the video, click here. The call to action can be viewed here.

Launched less than one year ago, the CAR Coalition has become a leading advocate for protecting consumer choices and access to vehicle data, “fighting automakers’ attempts to monopolize the post-collision repair market and hoard vehicle data.” The CAR Coalition has conducted extensive outreach to a bipartisan group of policymakers and will be supporting federal legislation designed to protect consumer choice in the post-collision repair market.

For more information on the CAR Coalition, click here.

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