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CarMax Ranks Most and Least Popular States for Driving Hybrids/Electric Vehicles

CarMax recently ranked the top 10 states for sales of hybrids and electric vehicles, and the top three were California, Oregon and Washington.


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A recent report from IHS Markit indicated that although electric vehicles (EVs) currently make up less than 1 percent of the total global car population, by 2040, this segment could reach up to 15 to 35 percent of total new vehicle sales globally.

There’s no doubt EVs are gaining in popularity. CarMax states that buying a used hybrid is a growing trend. In fact, CarMax says it has sold nearly 130,000 used hybrids and EVs at CarMax.

Last year, Toyota announced that they would add 10 new electric vehicles to their lineup by 2020. Based on sales of hybrids and EVs from Jan. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2018, the best-selling vehicle was the Toyota Prius, followed by the Ford C-Max, Lexus CT 200H, Ford Fusion and the Kia Optima.


So where do people drive hybrids/EVs the most in America? West Coasters love their EVs and hybrids. Californians are on track to buy more used hybrids this year at CarMax than anyone else. Other top-selling states were Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

Here are CarMax’s top 10 states for sales of these eco-friendly vehicles in 2018:

  1. California – 6.38%
  2. Oregon – 5.69%
  3. Washington – 4.71%
  4. Arizona – 3.82%
  5. Utah – 3.73%
  6. New Mexico – 3.63%
  7. Nevada – 2.98%
  8. Idaho – 2.69%
  9. Oklahoma – 2.52%
  10. Virginia – 2.52%

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