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CARSTAR Uses Symach Equipment

Symach announced that CARSTAR Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada, has opened a new location utilizing Symach’s complete body shop solution.


Symach announced that CARSTAR Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada, has opened a new location utilizing Symach’s complete body shop solution, including the FixLine equipment repair process and Spraytron paint booth.

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“When you make a deal with Symach, you’re not just buying body shop equipment – you are buying an entirely different business model,” said Steve Knox, general manager of CARSTAR Fredericton.

Added Symach CEO Osvaldo Bergaglio, “Symach equipment is designed to drastically reduce the cost of repairs and increase efficiency. We helped CARSTAR Fredericton set up a new body shop using the FixLine repair process, which will help the business increase throughput and reduce labor cost per repair.”

CARSTAR Fredericton operates two locations and is owned by Roy Kennedy. Since installing the Symach equipment at their new location in July, Knox said they’ve already experienced more efficiency at the repair facility.


“One of the biggest benefits is time,” said Knox. “A conventional shop might schedule two-and-a-half to three days to complete a 10- to 11-hour job. With Symach equipment, that same vehicle can now be repaired by lunchtime the day it’s dropped off.”

Knox said every step of the repair process is accelerated. “It’s not through harder work or more labor-intensive ways of doing things, but through the smart use of their equipment.”

The CARSTAR Fredericton team has been especially impressed with Symach’s Spraytron paint booth, which helps pull everything through the paint booth rather than having everything pushed toward the booth.


“The SprayTron is one of the industry’s newest generations of spraybooths on the market,” said Bergaglio. “It is high-performing, automated and it is built with the best burner, the best fans and the best material available. It can work as a conventional spraybooth using hot air from the burner or with radiant waves using a robot and will typically produce 8-10 paint cycles per day.”

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