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Keep Those Customers Coming Back!

I recently shepherded two far-flung friends through having their vehicles repaired after non-injury collisions, and I’m sad to report that their experiences will not lead them to recommend their body shops to others.

How to Deal with Unreasonable Customers

How do you politely tell the customer to take a hike? Is it even possible to do so?

Interacting With Customers

A in-depth look at interacting with customers and insuring you have a customer-friendly business.

How Long Should I Wait to Call a Customer After Writing an Estimate?

After I write an estimate for a customer, how long should I wait to do a follow-up call?

Body Shop Repairs: Getting Customers to Pay for Their Portion

We have two completed jobs in our shop that have been done for a month now, but the customers aren’t paying for their portions of the repairs. Can we charge late fees? What other options do we have?