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United We Should Stand: A Voice in the Collision Industry

about it — including me.

Don’t Be Another Face in the Crowd

“How can I make a higher profit margin in the body shop as the insurance companies are paying less and less?” – John Thompson, shop manager, Fix Auto Mall, Auburn, N.Y. There are only two ways to increase gross profit on a given sales volume. The first is to increase your bottom line, i.e. charge

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

A shop should never rely on a single source to make a living.

Love (to Undercut) Thy Neighbor

“It seems like shops are more obsessed with competing than with working and sticking together, so how will we ever better the industry for ourselves?” – Dennis Terry, technician, Hilltop Auto, Cabot, Ariz. The fact that insurers work so hard to control the consumer explains one of the reasons why shops don’t “stick” together. Shops

You Choose, You Lose?

“Why don’t insurance companies offer two different policies? If they had an OEM parts policy and an A/M parts policy, consumers could choose which one they wanted and when they wrecked, they couldn’t say anything about using A/M parts since they chose that policy. Wouldn’t this solve a lot of problems for collision repairers?” –

The Case of the Disappearing Tech

The talk about the lack of the human resources in this industry.

Independents: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and a Fair Day’s Pay

“Will non-DRP shops that fight to make insurers pay for everything be ahead in five years?” – Pete Kenney, manager, Black Diamond Auto Body, Las Vegas, Nev. That’s a tough question, one with no obvious answers carved in stone. This industry has changed so much in the last five years that it’s anyone’s guess what

Restyle 101: The Specialty Equipment Market

From trailer hitches to running boards to custom leather interiors, the aftermarket accessories market seems almost endless. And with a little education about this multi-billion-dollar market, you could be sharing in the profits.

Profitable by Popular Demand

Shops upselling their owners on accessories.

Lining Up Income

Spray-on bedlining service can give your business a much-needed boost.

Every Claim Is Not the Same

Insurance companies have led most consumers and shop owners to believe there’s no difference between first- and third-party claims – even though entirely different sets of laws and rules apply. And these differences can affect every aspect of your shop, from job scheduling to parts selection to liability to profitability.

Shop Profile: Collins Collision Center

Shop Name: Collins Collision Center Location: Atlanta, Ga. Established: August 1998 President: Jeff Collins Shop Size: 17,000 square feet No. of Employees: 10 Average Repair Volume: 175 cars per month Average Repair Cost: $1,950 Cruising Right Along While shop owner Jeff Collins is only 42 years old, he says buying his PT Cruiser a couple