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Web Browser: Mentors at Work

Currently this industry loses seven out of 10 apprentice candidates in the first 18 months and once they leave, they often leave the auto industry for good. Collision shops, insurers, mechanical shops and dealerships cannot afford to allow this to continue,” says Mentors At Work president and CEO Mark Claypool. Mentors At Work is an

Should Shops Drug Test Their Employees?

John Shortell, manager Secor’s Collision Technology New London, Conn. Opinion: No I don’t think body shops should start drug testing employees for several reasons: I am, of course, a shop employee. A manager yes, but still an employee. Personally, I have a shy bladder and have great difficulty producing urine on demand. And once I

Figuring Out Financials

This Month’s Ailing Shops … Shop No. 1 Annual Sales Volume: $449,000 Units Completed: 357 Average Repair: $1,257.70 Organization: Sole Proprietorship Employees: 7 Owner: Steve Accounting Duties: Steve’s wife, Cheryl Shop No. 2: Annual Sales Volume: $2.4 million Units Completed: 1,369 Average Repair: $1,753.10 Organization: Sub Chapter S Corporation Employees: 17 Owner: Mark Accounting Duties:

Does Your Shop Measure Up?

Whether you’re planning to open a collision repair business or already own one, these figures will help you measure where you’re at – and where you need to be.

Image is Everything

You might perform top-quality repair work, but if your shop or employees look bad, smell bad or seem bad, your image is alienating potential customers and perpetuating negative stereotypes that the 20/20s and Datelines of this world so like to exploit.

In Better Hands…Without Allstate

Our 18-year relationship with Allstate as a PRO shop ended after their demands became unrealistic. Could we survive, considering Allstate was 30 percent of our business? You bet.

Web Browser: Training

Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day for training? And even if you made the time, you wouldn’t know what courses to have your techs take anyway? Even worse, there’s the hassle of registering.

Scolded by Grandma

You’re better off assuming your customers are car experts rather than car-ignorant. One shop manager learned this valuable lesson from a little old lady who knew her vehicle all too well.

Complete Estimates = Bigger Bucks

Writing more accurate estimates doesn’t require extra man power or costly equipment. Just a little extra time on the part of your estimator will increase shop sales, improve efficiency and boost profits.

Damaged Goods

Fact: Consumers won’t pay as much for a vehicle that’s been wrecked and repaired as they will for a vehicle that’s never been in an accident. This market condition – or stigma as some like to call it – diminishes the vehicle in value, regardless of how expertly repaired it may have been.

Inherent DV: One Man’s Disbelief

I truly don’t believe that a properly repaired auto is worth less by virtue of the fact that it’s been repaired. It’s not that black and white. How many times have you repaired a vehicle back to pre-accident condition – and then some – and said to yourself, “That wreck was the best thing that ever happened to that car”?

Better Safe Than Liable: Check the Safety Features

Hurried techs sometimes forget to – or just simply don’t – check the safety features on a collision-damaged vehicle. But being rushed is no excuse.