Auto Collision and Bodyshop Business News
Who’s Really to Blame?

The “sacred cow” issue of fraud in the collision industry.

Constructing the Ultimate Shop Design

No matter what the scale and scope of your shop, you just may benefit from having another pair of eyes examine your layout and procedures.

Another Leg to Stand On?

Ohio court rules that an insurer has to pay for the “diminished value” of an insured’s car after a wreck

Follow March Taylor’s Example

March Taylor wanted the entire industry to benefit from his knowledge and hands-on experience

What Kind of Repairs Do You Want to Do?

The only way to achieve consistent, quality repairs is to establish clearly defined goals and communicate them to your staff

In SOPs We Trust

Standard operating procedures could offer a body shop owner more freedom and the ability to attract new insurance business by creating ‘verifiable’ trust.

Insurers: Cowboys At Heart?

Some insurers are rounding up consumers and steering them out of shops like herds of cattle – leaving many shop owners to ask: “Where’s the beef?”