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Connecticut Governor Signs Anti-Steering Bill

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell has signed a bill that will require disclosure to consumers that they have the right to choose the repair facility to complete repairs to their motor vehicles in the state. House Bill 5152 (now Public Act No. 08-146), which will go into effect January 1, 2009, will require insurance companies

Legislative Lowdown

Federal – Reps. David Scott (D-Ga.) and Geoff Davis (R-Ky.) have introduced H.R. 5611, the National Association of Registered Agents & Brokers Reform Act (NARAB II). The bill aims to modernize the current system of insurance agent licensing as it applies to those who are registered in multiple states. If passed, H.R. 5611 will establish

Maryland Repair Bill Adds Consumer Disclosure Requirements

Starting on Oct. 1, 2008, Maryland repair shops will be required to add a new consumer disclosure to invoices if customers request it. Maryland House Bill 1057 was signed into law by the governor in May and added the new requirement to Commercial Law 14-1002. The bill mandates that before beginning any repair work on

California Aftermarket Parts Bill Defeated

California Senate Bill 1059, which would have made it unlawful for any insurer to require the installation of an aftermarket part for the first three years of the vehicle’s life as well as restrict the ability of insurers to replace a part with a lower priced replacement part during this same three-year period, has been

Key Massachusetts Legislative Committee OKs Right to Repair Bill

Following extensive debate, a Massachusetts legislative committee has approved legislation (House Bill 296) that will provide independent repair shops the same access to diagnostic repair information and tools that car companies make available to their franchised dealers. The Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure voted to report the landmark legislation out of committee

Connecticut Repairers Win Unanimous Supreme Court Decision on Steering

The Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) today announced that it won a significant victory in its pending lawsuit against The Hartford Fire Insurance Company, with the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously upholding a lower court certification of the class action. ABAC, along with three Connecticut auto body repair shops, allege that the insurance company engaged

CRA Concerned Over Amendments to Crash Parts Bill

The Collision Repair Association of California (CRA) has expressed concern over last-minute amendments added to Assembly Bill 2825 that would require all collision repairers to attach copies of parts invoices on all final bills given to their customers. "The amendments duplicate existing law while requiring that all invoices from the distributor or manufacturer for crash

Consumer Advocates, Auto Coalition Fight to Keep ‘Rebuilt Wrecks’ Off Nation’s Roadways

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has joined a diverse coalition of consumer protection, law enforcement and auto industry representatives to urge the U.S. Department of Justice to finalize a critical rulemaking to help prevent rebuilt, wrecked, flooded or stolen vehicles from unknowingly ending up on a consumer’s driveway. Each year, millions of vehicles are

Tennessee House Passes Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Claims Settlement Act

The Tennessee House passed the Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Claims Settlement Act of 2008 (Senate Bill 4208) on May 13 and it’s now on its way to the governor’s desk. The law as it stands now includes unfair insurance claims practices under general laws for unfair trade practices. This new bill addresses unfair claims

Automotive Parts and Service Association of Illinois Joins QPC in Support of H.R. 5638

The Automotive Parts and Service Association (APSA) of Illinois today joined the Quality Parts Coalition (QPC) in support of H.R. 5638, sponsored by Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.). Introduced in March 2008, the bill would amend Title 35, U.S. Code (Patents) to provide design patent exemption for alternative repair parts used for the purpose of repairing