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New Buffing/Polishing Line

Conventional foam pads absorb polish too quickly, reducing performance since most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS Technology solves this problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells to gradually release polish as needed.

Quality Breathing Air

When used properly, this 20 scfm Personal Air Breathing Unit will work with the existing filtered compressed air supply, providing Grade “D” Breathable Air for a proper NIOSH approved respirator. With the provided 54” tool air hose assembly, it will allow for a bypass of air for a paint spray gun. This will allow for

Weld All Materials

The new i4 welder is designed to handle difficult-to-weld materials such as boron, HSS, AHSS and T.R.I.P. steels. It features onboard OEM programs, where detailed repair illustrations and customized weld programs from OEMs can be stored. Plus, its software is fully upgradeable and is stored on a removable flash card.

Genuine Parts

All genuine Nissan Collision Parts are engineered to stringent original factory specifications and deliver fit and finish performance, durability and safety. Also, their easy installation saves time and money.

Proven European Waterborne Technology

Pro-Spray H2O waterborne system offers  North American shops converting to waterborne a proven, compliant, easy and value-oriented system with excellent color match, coverage and blending, and an extensive color formula database. It also features pearl, aluminum, xirallic and solid shake-and-pour toners that mix.

Weld High-Tensile and Boron Steel

The 12000A welder features 2000Hz and a water- cooling system with a fan  radiator that’s suitable for welding high-tensile and boron steel. High frequency operation results in less power consumption. A built-in transformer  is 25% lighter than competitive welders. A  fully programmable control panel simplifies operation and stores weld time, weld power and slope up

Get Rewarded

Earn Aftermarket Rewards points for on-line purchases of Keystone cooling, lighting and sheet metal products. Only customers who link their valid Keystone account number to their AMR profile will receive their Click-to-Claim notification e-mail and be eligible to earn points.

Fast, Easy Hookups

Quadra Block offers fast and easy hookups for all truck and SUV full-frame applications. It works with almost every rack and bench system on the market. Lightweight optional accessories can easily adapt to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Corvette, Crossfire, Porsche and Audi. Call (888) 777-4050.

Easy 4:1 Mix Ratio

MS-30 satisfies your need with an easy 4:1 mix ratio, proven performance and guaranteed results. Maintain productivity, reduce inventory and maximize profitability to succeed in your business.

Reduce Cure Time

The JetAir System is a cost- effective, versatile system that significantly reduces the cure or dry time of both solvent- and waterborne coatings. Flash times are as low as 2.5 minutes with waterborne basecoat, meaning shorter cycle times, greater output, lower energy consumption and reduced costs.

Machines to Fit Your Needs

All Metal Works 360 frame machines are 7’10” wide and either 23’ long; 19’6” long; or 17’5” long. All frame machines come with an electric hydraulic pump with hand-held remote; standard lift; two pull towers that rotate 360° around deck, with 10-ton pulling power and 14” of pulling stroke; four unibody stands; two ramps; and